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International company B.B. SheldonInvest in technology, where you receive payments every day for your deposit (minimum $ 50), daily interest from 0.9% to 2%, and you can withdraw your money ANY DAY of the week without a withdrawal fee.You can find out now need to send other people to receive payments every day.But there is an excellent payment plan for those who want to make referrals. can use Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money and Payeer both to fund your account and withdraw funds.I withdraw my money every day for more than 3 weeks.And I get it into my account in less than 5 minutes.

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- Start date: May 6, 2019.- Profit from 0.9% daily for 15 working days, original return at the end of the cycle- Accept payment gateway: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.- Minimum investment: 50 USD.- Minimum withdrawal: 1 USD with port PM, Payeer and 10 USD with gates: BTC, ETH, LTC.- Processing manual payment during working days from 09:00 to 18:00 UTC +2, ie 14:00 to 23:00 Vietnam time, from Monday to Friday with a maximum waiting time of 48 hours work.- Basic introduction commission of 8 levels: 5% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 1% - 1% - 1% - 1%.BB Sheldon - Investment project from South AfricaBB Sheldon is the first online investment platform introduced on May 6th. According to the information described on the website, BB Sheldon was established in Gauteng (also means "gold storage") - one of nine provinces of the Republic of South Africa, with registration number K2019165953 called BB Sheldon LTD; This is a company specializing in trading in the market: Forex, Stock, Cryptocurrency,STANDARD plan:*STANDARD USD plan: Interest is paid daily from Monday to Friday, the end of the investment cycle- Currency Pair Package: Invest from 50 USD - 249 USD. Profit 0.9% daily in 15 working days / 21 calendar days. Complete the end of the cycle. Profit of 13.5%.- Stock Indices Package: Invest from 250 USD - 2,499 USD. Profit 1.1% daily in 20 working days / 28 calendar days. Complete the end of the cycle. 22% profit.- Package Products: Invest from $ 2,500 - 9,999 USD. Profit 1.3% daily for 30 working days / 42 calendar days. Complete the end of the cycle. Profit 39%.

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