fixed title and date sorry


this is Unmatched power - Posts made on Burst discussion are instant and entirely free of fees.

Dan removed himself by accident again I’m sure lol

We’re about to get started please like/subscribe/comment!

Im about to Set up a wallet for a Twitter campaign before christmas. I Wonder of I should Do a reddit about it and if the plenty wallets for community should be Announced in the Pinned posts or at least should be grouped in a Single overview? !

Start with reddit, but i'd be happy to include in the pin if community is favourable

Ok. Ive never used reddit, is there a Group or Overall topic i should Post it at?

use regular, and spam you post in all channels:)

ok, dm me when you post,i will help to promote plz like/coment/retweet (you know the drill)

For those that do not have LinkedIn
Good Evening Guys,We are super excited to be hosting this meetup with Nixops this Thursday! If you guys are around, please be sure to come by or we will post the link here when its live. We will continue to host and contribute to the Burst community this year. 2019, lets goo! Respect,The DEN Team

💡maybe its time to close those inefficient sub-groups and focus on the main ?

Eco!!!! Eco... e c o... e c o... e c o...